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Finger Buffet - Menu K

                                    Assorted Sandwiches
                 Cheese & Pickle, Ham & Tomato, Egg & Cress, Salmon & Cucumber
                              Hot Hickory Smoked Chicken Wings
                                     Hot Sausage Rolls
                                        Hot Quiche
                                         Hot Pizza
                          Hot Potato Wedges Served with Tomato Relish
                                  Hot Vegetable Spring Rolls
                                   Hot Vegetable Samosas
                                      Hot Onion Bhajis
                                    Hot Croqué Monsieur
                        Hot Chicken Nuggets Served with Tomato Ketchup
                         Hot Baby Jacket Potatoes with Bacon & Cheese
                         Deep Fried Mushrooms served with a Garlic Dip
                           Crabsticks Served with a Marie Rose Sauce
                                        Scotch Eggs
                                 Crusty French Bread & Butter

                           £12.50 per person              £13.50 per person
                                2019                                  2020

                                      Goujons of Sole
                           Deep fried Scampi served with Tartare Sauce
                                     Hot Lamb Samosas
                                    £5.50 per person extra

                               Evening Buffet

                 For a wedding party having additional guests attending in the evening
                    we suggest Menu K spending approximately £9.50 per person.

                 Enhance your buffet with 7 varieties of Hand-made French Pastries.

                  Jellied Eels served with French Bread, Cockles. Prices on request.

              We would like you to have the right amount of food for your special occasion
                           and are happy to assist you with suggestions.

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        •   Telephone: 01708   •   Telephone: 01708 443229

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